ServSafe Online Training

Initial (8hr) Course and Examination

This coursework meets all Minnesota and Wisconsin state requirements. You must still complete your exam (additional fee applies), in a supervised setting.

This training offers the flexibility to complete your instruction at your convenience in a place and time of your choosing. You can choose a place to be administered your exam (many clients do this in their workplace). Our certified proctors will administer the exam and provide your results to you. This can take up to 2 hours.

To get your online ServSafe Certified Food Protection Manager training and schedule a testing date, please fill out the registration and payment information. We will reply within 1 business day (barring weekends and holidays).

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Essential Functions of a Certified Food Protection Manager

Minnesota requires every restaurant / food institution to have at least one* full-time employee to have a food manager certification. This “person in charge” (PIC) provides for:

  • The identification of any/all food safety risks
  • The application of appropriate food safety techniques to mitigate/prevent food borne illness
  • Ensure presence of a PIC whenever food is handled
  • Guide operational food safety program, on a day to day basis, to ensure staff adheres to all food safety protocols

The Certified Food Protection Manager is there to protect the health of the customer by applying best practices as put forth by science, research and the FDA Food Code.
*Some jurisdictions require a CFPM to be present at all times that the business is open and in operation.

How to Become a Minnesota Certified Food Protection Manager

  1. Complete our ServSafe certification training and exam with a passing grade
  2. Complete State paperwork found at (they will require a copy of your passing certificate, the completed application form and a fee to be submitted to them)